eCommerce has grown 12% in just Q2 of 2016 alone, and over 24% in the last 2 years. In other words: it shows no signs of slowing down. Combine that with Facebook’s Q3 2016 results: 1.79 billion monthly active users, and almost 1.2 billion daily active users, and you can begin to see the simultaneous trend of explosive growth. In 2015, retail eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to $1.55 trillion USD and are projected to grow to $3.4 trillion USD by 2019. In the USA alone, according to the US Censu. eUKhost provides high-quality web hosting service that is not only affordable, but also backed by reliable 24×7 customer service. The services on offer are varied, feature-rich, reliable, WordPress solutions and advanced enough to meet the needs of almost every customer. Click here

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Have you been outside lately? You know how you are seeing more people using tablets and smartphones? Well, it’s not a trend as much as the norm any more. Walking around, we are plugged in to our mobile device. At some restaurants, the waiter or waitress takes our order. Mobile is ubiquitous. So why, why, why are there still so many businesses that have not yet adapted? I don’t know, and the good news is that you have a way to take advantage of the new reality. Learn tips and tricks on how to create a Simple WordPress Store Online

As smartphones and tablets are ever more capable of performing tasks that used to be only capable on desktop, one thing is crystal clear: Internet surfing, connecting on social media, checking emails and online shopping is being taken over by mobile.

Naturally, because mobile Internet usage is steadily increasing, you can see that it’s extremely important that your website is mobile friendly. In the past, you had a website designed for desktop users and another site specifically developed for mobile users. But, now we need a website optimized for desktop, tablet and, mobile. Are you really gonna build multiple unique sites to accommodate the various screen sizes?


unnamed (4) OMLINE STOREThere actually is a method to satisfy many types of users. It’s called responsive web design. According to a report by Morgan Stanley, Mobile Devices will overtake Desktop usage this year. 2015 may have been hailed as “The Year of Responsive Design”, but RWD is far from last year’s news. Put simply, having responsive design means a website adjusts depending on which device they are being displayed on, ensuring that whether the content is viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, the website will remain user-friendly, which is ultimately the most important feature of any website or blog. This is Top  Reasons why you need WordPress to build your eCommerce business to convert to Responsive Web Design.


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The Internet is one of the most fertile grounds on which you can build a business to sell your products or services. This is because of the fact that your customer base is potentially in the order of millions of prospective buyers who are not restricted by physical location. Learn tips and tricks on how to create a Simple WordPress Store Online  because WordPress has become one of the most widely used and well-liked platforms for creating blogs, corporate websites and small online stores. When it comes to building a professional website for your business from scratch and, of course, saving time and money, millions of people turn to WordPress. Why, you ask? The answer is rather simple. WordPress developers offer a wide variety of free ready-made and feature-rich Web themes for different types of business activities. It means there is no need to search for high-priced designers and coders.






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Below, we would like to showcase a collection of more than 20 top free corporate WordPress themes. These themes are for finance, law, investment, medical and other types of businesses or companies as well as personal pages and portfolios. They incorporate clean and attractive designs along with various page templates, custom blog post types, full-screen sliders with captions and different transition effects, convenient navigation and well-thought arrangement of the content blocks to enhance user’s experience on the site. Thanks to social media integration, users can easily add links to their social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. and implement news feeds from social accounts too. The themes presented in our list are adapted for viewing on mobile devices and tablets.

Choose one of the themes below and build a stunning Web project for your business without effort. These free ready-made WordPress themes will turn a process of creating a website into child’s play for both beginners and experienced users. Kit can interact with your Shopify store, Facebook, Instagram and more to recommend and execute marketing tasks based on your products, audience, and your store’s performance. Install Kit (starting at $10/month) and it will become your personal marketing expert, coach, and assistant that you can talk to through SMS, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. Click Here and Put Kit to Work

1. Typal

If you need a clean and neat design for your website, then Typal will be a good solution for you. It is already adopted for viewing on mobile devices. This WordPress theme includes well-thought out page layouts allowing you to represent the most important information for visitors as well as a third-level menu, and various types of posts.

2. Emmet

This theme can be used for creating a blog, portfolio, or a corporate website. A smart responsive Emmet design will catch visitors’ attention at once. A parallax effect, custom informative blocks with sliding content, five-page templates along with a full-width header slider and many other features let you build a stunning business website, professional blog and make it stand out among thousands of others on the Web. Emmet is a free WordPress theme fully optimized to work with bbPress and WooCommerce plugins. It goes with a user-friendly visual content editor developed by the MotoPress team.

3. Enigma

This features rich themes that will help you to create an effective website for any kind of business activity. Make use of a large header slider with captions and a exclusive design of the blog section with a ticker option built-in.

4. Adam

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Take advantage of this stylish and sharp responsive WordPress design. Perfect architecture of the site pages, full-width slider, ready-to-use calendar widget which helps you to easily navigate a blog section, back-to-top navigation and many other features enhance the user’s experience visiting your site.

5. Customizr Pro

This theme is already integrated to work with WordPress customizer. It goes with four different layouts and types of the pages, several blog posts types, panoramic slider and other options.

6. Elisium

Elisium is a good base for creating a simple and, at the same time, eye-catching business website. The theme has a well-balanced color scheme including light blue and white hues to highlight your identity. Elisium also features two Home page options, blog and presentation page.

7. Dazzling

Take advantage of this fresh and smart design for building an impressive online portfolio. Dazzling themes feature various types of the posts and an amazing image gallery with comments options as well as pleasant color schemes and ready-to-use page templates.

8. Edin

A clean-cut theme goes with four custom page templates, built-in Google map and social media integration letting you easily boost your business and get more clients linking the website to your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc. A menu bar does not overload design of the theme and opens in one click.

9. Ascent

A unique free WordPress theme for corporate business combines a delicate color scheme with light green, grey and white colors. Take advantage of the built-in image gallery, search option, four types of pages which help you to create a stylish and elegant website.

10. Klasik Framework

Impress the online community with this neat WordPress design. One of the main features of a Klasik Framework theme is a portfolio section, which allows you to divide images into categories. It also includes a fading effect for images and slideshow view mode. Enhance visitor’s experience with this free WordPress theme.

11. AccessPress Lite

This offers a sharp design that includes ready-made six-page templates, a portfolio block with layer slider and zoom-out effect for images, and well-thought architecture. Get more followers at once thanks to beneficial position of social media icons set right and in the header section. Also, a wide variety of Home page templates lets you create a stunning front site page.

12. Business

This popular free WordPress theme combines an elegant design and wide variety of such functional features as full-width slider with fade transition effect and captions, image and video lightbox options, ability to display content in the pop-up window using iframe code.

13. Quill

An elegant and stylish WordPress theme for law firms attracts with its panoramic header slider and smart division into content blocks with various animation effects. Black-and-white design emphasizes company’s solidity and reputation.

14. Enlightenment

Enlightenment is another free WordPress ready-to-use theme for business companies. It features good technical stuff such as nine different layouts for the blog page, seven templates for main content pages, animation effects, easy integration with social media websites for displaying, for instance, your Facebook or Twitter feeds right on your site.

15. Spacious

A multi-purpose free WordPress theme for any kind of corporate website, it offers smart arrangement of content blocks along with a large slider in the header section. Caption and navigation will help a newbie to create an amazing Web project without effort.

16. Colormag

Colormag is a perfect solution for a news website or a blog. A news ticker in the upper left corner of the Home page allows visitors to see the latest news right after opening a website. Well-thought architecture of the Home page lets you divide content into several heads and highlight the titles with bright colors to draw visitors’ attention. The theme also features four page templates.

17. Ample

A cutting-edge responsive WordPress theme for financial and IT companies, it offers five default page templates and a boxed structure of Portfolio section with linking to read more pages. A sophisticated color scheme is a good base for starting a professional website from scratch while smart navigation due to breadcrumbs options simplifies the process of visiting site pages.

18. Virtue

Virtue is already optimized for working with WooCommerce plugin in case you decide to build a small online shop. It will also work for a blog, portfolio or personal website. It includes sliders, custom fonts and many other functional features. Theme is responsive and will look great on mobile devices and tablets.

19. Sydney

Sydney goes with a set of Google fonts, different page templates, sticky navigation and full screen slider with captions for drawing attention to the key points. A light color scheme does not tire visitors’ eyes when reading information on the site. Theme is adapted for different screen resolutions to fit to any computer device.

20. Sixteen

Sixteen is a Retina-ready responsive theme. A set of the theme’s features embrace Parallax effect, Nivo slider, customizable header image, grid structure of the Front page and several other page templates. Sixteen is good for setting up an artistic site, photographer’s blog or a personal site. It is a fully editable theme and can be converted into an online shop without difficulty as it is already optimized for WooCommerce plugin.

21. Consultant

It is a ready-made theme for consulting, finance, investment or law company. This theme has a clean and simple design in light blue and white colors. A full screen header slider with fading effect, well-structured content blocks, multi-level menu help to beneficially disclose the most important information for clients.

22. Singlepage

A unique and modern theme built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Smart navigation allows your visitors to smoothly get to different sections on the Home page. Each section, in its turn, contains a parallax background image and colors set. This theme allows you to set a video background as well.

23. CorpBiz

This is a popular corporate WordPress theme that goes with a full screen header slider with captions and pop effect, portfolio section, custom menu and good arrangement of the content within one page. Simple and at the same time stylish, the design of CorpBiz theme is a perfect ground for an attractive website for any business.

24. Wallstreet

Enhance your business with this crisp design. Soft grey content background, featured “Services” section with animation effects, portfolio block with layer slider option, blog section with hover effect for posts make the Wallstreet theme outstanding and eye-catching. Make an accent on your professionalism with this astonishing corporate WordPress theme.

25. Sparkling

A universal theme which suits any business needs, it incorporates a full screen slider, social icon integration, various page templates. Sparkling is a responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress theme. It is optimized for working with WordPress customizer, WooCommerce, bbPress and other popular WP plugins. A clean-cut design along with multiple features make Sparkling a well-liked theme among WP users.

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